Thursday, April 26, 2012

Simms This Is What Happens When You Move Production To Emerging Nations

The eternal debate with me is always how to carry my gear.  Waist pack or vest.  I've gone through all methods, first with a vest, to chest pack, to backpack, to waist pack.  Last year I decided to go back to the vest despite using the waist pack for years.  I have never been a firm believer of the vest but because I generally pack a lunch and carry a water filter I decided to go back.  One problem I have with the vest is that it generally makes me carry more gear than I want, not to mention it makes you look like a complete dufus.  So on my last outing I decided to go back to the waist pack since I wasn't packing a lunch or needed to carry a water filter.  Of course since I moved back, something had to go wrong.  My pack basically disintegrated.   The tape and the seams all started to fall apart.  It started at the seams near the zipper and then the back panel which holds the belt started to go.  Luckily I wasn't carrying much gear and my pockets of my quick drying Ex officio pants were big enough to hold everything.  The pack thankfully lasted long enough for me to fish the rest of the day without issue.  The same issue happened to my Simms wading bag the glued seams came apart.  Simms this is what happens when you make your stuff in China.  Bring production back to Montana or any other first world country and this type of shit is less likely to happen.  I certainly hope this is covered under warranty because if they make me pay to repair it, I will no longer be a Simms fan.


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