Thursday, April 26, 2012

Baby's Back Home

About a month ago I broke the tip of my favorite rod, a T&T Helix 5wt SW, while carp fishing.  This was the second time I've sent this rod in for repairs.  The first was just before I was to head out to Costa Rica, I shattered the tip with a clouser while fishing in the bay with my late friend Yosh.  I had originally bought the rod for the purpose of fishing the jungle species of Costa Rica.  I had heard nothing but bad things about T&T's repair turnaround time.  With only a couple months until I'd be leaving for Central America, I pleaded with T&T to rush the repair.  They managed to get me rod back to me before I left for that trip for which I was extremely grateful.  So when I turned in my rod once again, I was told not to expect much.  I was hoping to get this rod back for the May opener for Barrett Lake.  Again T&T managed to get me my rod back before the opener not that it matters now as I was unable to acquire any tickets.  Well I'll have to try and get tickets for June and I will most definitely be bringing this rod with me.  The Helix and the bass of Barrett Lake (and just about every water in California) are very well acquainted.  Its time to get them acquainted once again.  Repair cost $50.  Shipping $13.

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