Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ivory Beads To Close April 14th

Jim Thynne and Jerry Kitto, Proprietors
I just learned that Ivory Beads in Covina is closing it's doors.  What a bloody shame.  I never did purchase a gun from them although I did buy a few nick nacks here and there and used them for some gunsmithing services.  I just never found the right gun in my price range there although there were several guns that were out of my price range that I wished I had the money to buy.  For a brief time they had several Darnes that I eyeballed, a prewar Krieghoff drilling that I posted here, a G&H Mauser, among others that I desperately hoped I won the lottery so that I could buy them.  Unfortunately all were out of my price range at the time and still are til this day.

Every time I entered the store, Jim Thynne was always very courteous and helpful.  He was a wealth of information whether it was gunmakers, rifles, shotguns, hunting birds or big game, gunsmithing, he knew his stuff. I enjoyed spending an afternoon there just shooting the shit, talking guns, hunting or anything in between.  Good guys that will be missed in this small fine gun community.  I will always remember walking in and seeing some old timer sitting there in the gunroom smoking a cigar wasting a perfectly good afternoon.  I will always remember Jim offering me one of his brand new Rizzini's off the shelf to go shoot clays for an afternoon, just to try it out - by myself without supervision.  I could have just bolted with the gun!  Or worse committed a crime with it or something.  I have never received that offer from any other gun store ever and I don't really expect to either.  I never did take him up on that offer. I wish them all the best.  I will miss them.  My prays go out to Jim and his family.

From their website:
Announcement: After 10 great years in the vintage gun business Ivory Beads will be closing it's doors! We are planning on our last day to be Saturday, April 14, 2012. Our best wishes and sincere thanks to all of our Wonderful Customers and Friends!

672 Shoppers Lane
Covina CA, 91723



  1. Great Gun Guys, very helpful to the greenhorn

    1. Whether greenhorn or experienced, they were an asset to the fine gun community for sure.

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