Monday, April 30, 2012

It Only Took Me Ten Years

Finally I have completed my Sage DS2 590-2 after about ten years.  This rod as I mentioned in a previous post has sat in the corner or my room collecting dust.  I had completely forgot about it until I mentioned the rod building class at Marriott's to Chul.  He offered to buy the rod from me.  Since the rod, for the most part , was completed, and all I had to do was epoxy it together I agreed.  It took some time for me to actually get the project going again as I had to tear down a few walls in the house due to a plumbing leak and a pesky bee hive in the wall.  With all the drywall dust in the air I didn't want it settling on the epoxy so I waited.  Also the fact I hate working with epoxy, let me procrastinate more than I should have. 

Sage DS2 590-2 Completed.
The rod is now completed and while I originally was unsure about the blue wraps and the modified wells handle, the rod is quite attractive.  I casted it today with a SA wet cell type 2 line and it casts like a dream.  I was casting all the fly out without any trouble.  Its been a while since I casted a DS2 but every time I do I am reminded of how nice they are for an entry level rod.

Sage RPLXi-890-3 reunited

Laying in the corner beside the DS2 for eight years was my tip section of my Sage RPLXi 890-3. After shattering the tip with a clouser during a slow day at the river jetty, I received a the replacement section weeks later. I wrapped the rod and never ended up epoxying it all together. I had bought a Sage XP 890-4 soon after breaking the Xi because I needed all my rods I was to take to my first trip to Costa Rica to be four pieces. Over time a few wraps came undone which prolonged me from completing this project since the rod had the more difficult and time consuming trim wraps.

Well since I was going to do Chul's rod I decided to finish that 8wt while I was at it.  The 8wt and I have had a lot of memories and it was one of my first "premium" fly rods.  Sparing no expense on it, I added only premium components-recoil guides, H&H stripping guides, a Struble titanium reel seat and premium cork.  It was light and casted nicely.  I remember while fishing Catalina Island on Bryan Webb's first boat, the Sea Spider, he casted it out and commented how nicely the rod casted.  With plans on fishing MVL again on Thursday, I plan on reuniting with this old friend and hopefully with some luck I'll be reminded on how a fish feels on it.


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