Thursday, April 21, 2011

San Gabriel Fly Fishing Report- East and North Fork

Ed and I hit the East Fork of the San Gabriel River today. With all the rain we had this year, we were hoping the river would be fishable by now. Flows are still high making wading extremely difficult. Fishing is also a challenge. The flows are just too great to present a fly. Our intention was to hike in a couple miles before fishing. We quickly realized that wasn't going to happen. I managed a few before we started to head back to campground where its flatter and therefore slower water. It was here at the the campground that Ed and I a caught the majority of our fish.

Once we had our fill we headed out. On our way out I decided to check out the West and North Forks to see if they were fishable. Both look much better than the East Fork. We drove along the North Fork and decided to throw our lines out. The flows were much more ideal for fly fishing than the East Fork. Since it was around 3 when we started we only fished for just over an hour managing a few fish. This was my first time fishing the North Fork. I really like fishing this river unforetunately since much of the river runs along the road its largely littered with trash from idiots who don't know better or who just don't give a damn. With all the trash, it really detracts from the whole outdoor experience lessening the pleasure. I really can't stand these bottom feeders who destroy our wilderness areas. Although Ed who has fished these waters before told me up the road more where one must hike to the river less of this occurs and its much more pristine. I hope that's the case and next time I'll have to check it out.

At the North Fork:

My first North Fork Trout:

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