Monday, April 4, 2011

Barrett Lake Tickets Going on Sale Soon

Barrett Lake's season opens next month on the 4th. Tickets will beginning selling on the the 12th of this month. I've started calling all my friends to see when the will be available and what dates they want to go. Since the heavy snow pack this year and all the recent rains have basically halted any type of fly fishing for me. I did have an opportunity to fish the Lower Owens a few weeks ago when the flows were hovering around 100 CFS but that will not happen now as the flows have increased to over 400 CFS. Because of these I've been concentrating my posts on guns and hunting but that may change soon as Barrett will open soon. I really am getting excited as I've never fished Barrett in the spring, hopefully it will not be blazing hot like all the days I spent at Barrett last year. I am considering bringing some big "guns" this year such as a 9 or even a 10 weight and throwing some real big flies to try and entice the hogs that are there. Last year there were some reports of 9lbers being caught on gear. A 5lber was caught by a gear fisherman on a boat next to me. Perhaps a larger fly may persuade the big boys to honoring me with a take.

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