Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pat Wray- Chukar Guru

I just found out that Pat Wray, writer of A Chuckar Hunter's Companion, has his own blog and forum. This book was given to me by a hunting companion. Its been a few years since I have read this book but I recall it be loaded with tons of information that I have used afield in search of these mountainous birds. I expect his blog and forum to be much the same.

It took me years to figure out this bird and although I'm still learning, Pat has definitely helped me shortened the learning curve.

One thing I admired about this book is Pat's hunting ethics; he is not in it for limits. In fact he prefers setting daily limits, something he and I have in common. If you take two for the day than the limit for that day is two, if you take four than the limit is four and so on. Sure, I don't mind limiting out but I'm just as happy with a couple of birds.

The book has good information not only on how to find, hunt and pursue these birds but also has good info on gear, guns, dogs, and dog work. One key information Pat gives the reader is to park if at all possible on the road to get set up for hunting. This allows the heat of the car to dissipate before parking it on dry grass. He warns the reader by telling a story of a hunter that in his haste to hunt, parked his car in some high grass that rested against his catalytic converter. The heat was great enough to ignite the grass and as a result not only acres of land was lost from fire but his young pup as well that was left in the truck. That is a valuable tip that I never gave much consideration to until I read the book. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

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