Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Snow Peak Cutting Board Set

Awaiting at my door when I came home today was another Snow Peak item.  This time it was the Snow Peak Cutting Board Set M.  The set consists of a natural wood cutting board that folds in half by a piano hinge and houses a Japanese made knife held there with strong magnet.  It's perfect for outdoor adventures that will prevent the knife from rattling while driving off road.  Rubber feet located at each corner prevents the board from moving around while chopping or slicing.  Snow Peak recommends rubbing olive oil to the unfinished wood which I did tonight.  The blade is thin and made of stainless steel with plastic handles riveted to spine.  The set comes in two sizes medium and large.  I ordered the medium and will be perfect for lunchtime use.  Generally field lunches for me are a more simple affair usually consisting of sandwiches or cheese plates.  So the smaller blade and board will work well for slicing salami, tomatoes, cheeses and the like.  It also fits quite nicely within my Engel fridge cover's front pocket so its readily accessible when its time for a quick meal.

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