Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Snow Peak Hozuki Lantern

USB port can be used to power the light
Fashion forward looking lantern
The look at the light.
In table top mode
At 100 lumens the lantern does well lighting up a room
Lit up
Without a doubt I'm a fan of Snow Peak products and when the Hozuki Lantern came out, it's intrigued me.  As my REI 20% coupon was about to expire,  I choose to use it on this Chinese paper lantern and Hozuki plant inspired fashion forward led lantern.  At about $90 before discounts, it's not a cheap light.  Lighting is variable with three brightness settings allowing up to 100 lumens at high power.  The light can be used as a candle placed upside down with even flickering with the wind.  Unlike most led lanterns made today, it is actually made in a first world nation while that may not mean much to some, it's a big deal for me.  Four AA batteries power this light and depending on setting allows for 8-80 hours of operation. 

  • Bright and at 100 lumens, it lights up a tent or campsite brightly.
  • Unique design.
  • Can be powered by a mini USB but not rechargeable in this mode (which is a con).
  • Made in Japan.
  • Hanging hook allows more hanging options than most lights.  Can be hung on branches, doorways among other places.
  • The silicone shade can come off easily particularly when turning the light off and can be somewhat a pain to put back on properly.
  • One button for all settings is a pain.  I prefer simple on and off buttons, not ones that you need to tap, hold down, etc. to turn it off is a turn off for me.
  • The bottom open face exposing the bulb means if I'm hanging it from my tent when laying in a tent and look up I'll be blinded by a light at 100 lumens.
  • Candle mode maybe more gimmick than practical.

For me the jury is still out whether it's worth the price tag.

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