Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's Going To Be a Bad Trout Year In Our Local Mountains

Not even Ganesha could help us.
A nice trout that refused everything we threw at it.
Fishing has been rough lately.  Bass have been inconsistent and lately rather tight lipped.  So this afternoon we decided to see how our local trout waters were doing this year.  Trout fishing proved not much better than bass fishing.  Actually it was worse.  Water is low and most of the downstream water is gone.  Fishing was tough and Chul and I only managed two dinks a piece.  I lost a solid fish twice as my leader sucked and broke off at the fly both times the fish took.  Chul desperately casted to Hog Johnson that played Chul like a fool.  Rough fishing all around.  The quality we saw last year in our local waters has diminish drastically.  Trout fishing here at home is gonna suck.
At least someone is getting some action...

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