Saturday, April 27, 2013

Trabuco Creek Fly Fishing

On a whim Chul and I headed out to a local piece of water that we read on a forum was holding wild trout.  We were skeptical as this water has poor spawning grounds and as such is normally stocked by the  DFW.  Because of this I hadn't been here in over a decade since it really doesn't appeal to me.  Chul cut his teeth fly fishing here and never caught anything remotely looking like a wild trout.

We got to the water and it was low.  Fishing was pool hoping and there weren't many pools.  We managed a fish a piece.  My fish looked wild.  Chul's was larger and fought wild, it must have been hold over that had naturalized.  we spent only about an hour before we were over it and called it quits.
Before fishing we went to Grill Hut for lunch and I ordered the ground beef kabob with rice and salad which was quite good.  It was nice sustenance for the hike ahead.

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