Sunday, December 19, 2021

More Local Mountains June 19. July 2 2020

 June 19, 2020

Out of shape from lockdown and new boots giving me blisters still managed some quality locals after several mile hike in the heat.

July 2

Took to the mountains to fish the usual spot while trying to venture into new unexplored territory. We took what we thought was a poorly maintained trail only to find ourselves half way up in the scree chute from hell. It was most likely a bighorn sheep trail. We soon realized this was a death trap. Once we came to the obvious conclusion this was beyond stupid we gingerly tried to make our way down (at least down without harm).   We had to drag our asses on hill to  make sure we didn't face plant off the mountain.  Spent a lot of times in the wilderness and I never felt like shitting my pants more than I did today.

Other than near death experience, the local fish were still excellent .  Healthy and strong and willing to take a dry.  Overall a good day on the water.  I guess any day you don't die is a good day.

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