Monday, December 13, 2021

Tidying Up and Return to Blogging

I'll admit I've been lazy with the blog.  Covid lockdowns did not help.

This year is nearly up but before it's over I'll be trying to tidying up this blog.  Photobucket screwed a bunch of us who hosted pictures on their site for years using it to post pics for blogs and forums. For some time I used it to host some of my pictures.  At the time it was free and easy.  A few years ago they changed policy years it really screwed things up.  I've been meaning to clean up the affected photos here for  along time but never got around to it.  So I'm going to try before year's end to clean it up.  Unfortunately not all can be saved as some of those pics I no longer have on any of my hard drives.  No telling how long those pics will remain on his blog before PhotoBucket deletes them as I'm unwilling to give them my cash. 

I'm going to start blogging again and there are many adventures from the past two years that have not been posted.  I'll try and write about them but my memory maybe so hazy that they may just be pictorials.  I have also acquired some interesting new toys that I do intend on sharing so stay tuned.