Monday, December 27, 2021

Truckee: Fall in the Sierra

October 3-7, 2020
Made our way up to the Truckee for the fall.  Forest fires completely wrecked havoc throughout the state.  On multiple occasions the fires ruined our chances to visit and fish Yosemite.  With covid the park began restricting visitors to a certain number and required a reservation to enter.  I thought this an excellent opportunity to finally see the park without massive crowds.  This would never be though as every time we had a reservation the smoke was so heavy we wouldn't be able to see any of the landmark sites.  
This weekend we had reservation for the park but decided to forgo it as the haze was too great.  Instead on the way up we fished the upper for the morning before reaching Chul's timeshare in Truckee.  The next couple days we fished the main river and the Little Truckee.  None were fishing great.  I don't recall much from the trip and any fish caught were unmemorable.  

On the way south we'd camp near Bridgeport to check fall colors.  On the way home we'd decide whether or not to enter the park but since the haze hadn't let up we decided to fish McGee instead.  It seemed like all the fish in the system were dinks.  Micro dinks.  It was pathetic so we didn't stay long and went straight home.

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