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2020 Fishing Season Begins Jan. 5. Feb. 14-17, 29. Canyon Lake May 25, 30, June 7, 2020

January 5, 2020
On the fifth day of the new year I took to a local to get my first outing of the new year.  It would be a quick one fishing only from 10am- noon.   Ultimately I managed only a couple fish to hand but three times as many missed or lost.  I spent most of my time hiking looking for a particular hole that produced quite nicely in the past.  I overshot my destination and double backed looking for it but not before hitting a hole that produced my first trout of the season.   I only hit three or four holes before having to head back to the truck.  Not stellar and too short to really get my fishing fix but at least got in about five miles of hiking in. 
Feb 14-17, 2020 President's Day Weekend
Took off to the Sierra for a few days off during the long holiday weekend.  I don't recall much from this trip other than it was tough.  Fished with Chul's friend Cameron and I lost a nice one and managed one fish.  We ended up snow camping for the night.  The following day we fished Hot Creek and I don't recall if we got any fish I do recall some idiot in wading in the water.  Chul confronted him and politely told him not to wade in this river.  His response was he couldn't cast from the other side.  Chul then asked him if he caught anything.  He said no.  So you trample a fragile fishing area and you didn't even get a fish for it. Learn to cast dumbass.  We checked out the Lower but it was uneventful.

An idiot on Hot Creek

Pretty much summed up this trip, 2020 in fact we'd later learn.

February 29, 2020  Leap Year Fishing

Took Luc out to the Honey Hole to show him the spectacular fish.  But to get to them it requires a fairly strenuous hike.  Nothing too bad.  At least that's what I thought.  Luc struggled to hike up the mountain but he managed to soldier on.  When we reached the water it was devoid of fish!  I was pissed.  I made one of my great fishing buddies hike up this damn mountain and for years been praising it as the best Socal local spots only to show him shit.  Sorry Luc.  Little did we know this going to be a great start for 2020.

May 25

I don't have tell you how bad Covid lockdowns of 2020 were but when California finally started easing up, the Canyon Lake association finally allowed visitors.  Luc invited me to finally get my line wet and I fished for the first time since February.  It was popper season, our favorite time of year, and I'd be trying out a new pattern for me Chad Johnson's Freaky Frog.  Probably as revenge for our last outing when I took Luc on a strenuous hike only to be skunked, he returned the favor.  I got The Skunk this time but Luc managed a few.

May 30

I'd get another invite soon enough and it wouldn't be long before I'd get my first covid fish.  I recall fighting it and Luc was more excited than I to get it.  I was thinking though I need to land this thing and if it pops off I'm going swimming for it.  I didn't care I was that desperate.  

June 7

Back again and this time another Skunk.  I did although have one on jumped lost it. Again I'd be fishing the Freaky Frog popper.

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