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DMV Trip Oct 17-20, 2019

October 17-20, 2019
As we move toward Real IDs scheduling an appointment near my home to renew my driver's license was more difficult than anticipated.  Seemed like all the DMV offices near me were booked out for months.  So what to do?  I scheduled it in rural California and make a trip out of it. I called up Kelly and asked him if he wanted to do some fishing that particular weekend.  He was game. 
I scheduled my DMV appointment on Friday and got up to Bishop Thursday afternoon.  Fished a couple hours on the Upper when I got up there and wasn't able to connect with anything.  The wind was howling and calling fishing in those conditions challenging would be an understatement.  On the next day after finishing up my renewal appointment I went back to the upper.  I can't recall even if I managed a fish though I think I may have lost one.

I waited for Kelly to get up and when he did we went further north to make camp.  The following day we'd hike up to the high country to check out Green Lake Kelly always enjoyed.  By the time we made it up the winds were howling and so we only fished the creek following out of it as it was somewhat sheltered.  I don't recall if we even got a fish to take.

After descending the mountain and since the fishing was poor with the winds not in our favor we came up with a Plan B.  Rather than fishing check out some sights I'd always wanted to see but never found the time.

We made our way southward to Bodie to check out the ghost town. 
After that it was time to head home but not without first checking out some fall colors on the way.  This would be the last trip of 2019.

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