Monday, May 4, 2020

A Gift From a Blog Reader and Friend

When I started this sorry blog, I had two intentions- 1.  Have a backup for photos I deemed somewhat important, (I was notorious for never backing up my files and particularly my photos).  I lost more than my fair share of cherished memories due to computer crashes and such.  I felt posting them on a blog would at least save a few choice photos in case my computer ever crashed again.  2.  To practice my very poor writing skills.  At the time I really never had to write for my occupation other than the quick emails or other informal communications.  I've never been a strong writer particularly in school.  I hated it in fact but as my career progressed, not having to really write I noticed when I was forced to my writing was even more piss-poor than it ever was before.  So I decided to force myself to write something and so I decided to write a blog.  At least I could write about stuff I was passionate about.
The intention was never to become "known" or "famous" or whatever.  I've never promoted this blog in any regards.  In fact all my sporting friends that I made before this blog don't even know I write one. For me the blog was merely a tool for me to save pics and practice writing but also served another practical purpose as my journal so I could reflect back on some sporting memories.  So it always surprises me when people write to me because of this blog.  I really do appreciate it.  I've made some good friends through the years.
One of those friends is my friend Brad who himself started a great blog, Game and Grapes.  Back in 2018 I had read his posts (here) on the process of making a knife pouch for his Boker Bird Knife.  I was all but ready to email him and ask if he'd make me one.  I'd pay him of course but over the holidays before I could email him he asked me if I wanted the pouch.  I told him of course and was about to ask him if he'd sell me one.  He refused and gave me one for Christmas.
The pouch is beautifully made in traditional leather.  How do I miss leather knife pouches.  Everything you find at knife stores these days are tactical nylon trash.  It's disgusting.  I guess the market for traditional goods like these are not enough to sustain itself.  It's a shame.  The pouch has a tab closure for the lid and the belt loop is not closed but attached with a button snap that allows quick remove without undoing your belt but the main reason for it was Brad wanted to attach it to his Filson hunting vest which I think is ingenious.
Many thanks Brad!  As promised when we meet I have a Cuban or two in my humidor with your name on it.


  1. Anytime, hope you get many years of use out of it. Someday we need to go quail hunting together.

    1. One of these days...You did get me thinking of getting into leather craft. I have a few more knives that need good homes. Write ups hopefully forthcoming although I'm way behind as you can tell. This post should have been up in early 2019. Hope all is good and your family is staying safe.

  2. Leather work can be fun and you get better each time you do it. Unfortunately for you, your sheath has some screw ups. If I ever make more I will make you a new one. We are doing well, I am really fortunate to live where I do. My daughter and I have been doing a lot of shooting together so that is nice. Stay safe...