Thursday, June 23, 2011

OC Carping

Spent a couple hours on the water today with the 5 weight. Managed a five pounder that had no quit in him. Felt much bigger than he actually was, in fact the last fish, a four pounder was much the same. They fought harder than the larger fishes I caught here. Conditions in the mornings have been gloomy and today was no different. Arrived little past 9, breeze didn't start to pick up by 10. I'm trying to get as much carping in before the vegetation gets out of control and I'll have no casting lanes. Heading back tomorrow to guide Ed on his first carp on the fly. I forgot my camera today and all I had was my iphone which takes even worse pics than my Olympus.

Today my usual go-to fly of Prince Aggravator fly did not produce so I tried my Prince Harry Aggravator and that fly took the carp. Clouser swimming nymph and BH filo fly did not produce either.

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