Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ice E Hot Fly

Hook: TMC 2487 or 3751
Head: Beadhead
Tail: Ice Dubbing Peacock
Body: Stalcup Micro Tubing Brown
Thorax: Ice Dubbing Peacock tied with a dubbing loop

I created this fly a few days ago. Carp seem to like it and I have no doubt it will be effective on trout as well. The next time I go the sierras I'll be sure to test them out. Its simple to tie and you can punch out several in only a few minutes. I've tied them in natural and unnatural colors such as chartreuse, shrimp pink, and uv pearl. With nymphs, I usually tie them half in standard straight hooks and the other half on scud style hooks. I've caught them on both. This is starting to become one of my go to carp flies.

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