Friday, June 10, 2011

5 Weight Carpin'

Awoke this morning to misty gloomy conditions. Knowing full well that sight casting will be tough, I decided to make things even tougher by using my Sage XP 5 weight that I built. Since buying my T&T Helix SW 5 weight, the Sage has been benched and has seen very little playing time. I decided to rectify that today. Armed with the Abel Pt 5, it was time to give this combo some time on the water.

Although I saw many fish, casting to them was tough as windows of opportunities were short. Once I saw the fish cruising, it would swim into the deeper or darker waters and made them hard to follow. It took me some time to get the rhythm of the XP. I had to remind myself to slow down my casts, as I was used to the faster action of my Scott S3S 7 weight.

In time I finally hooked one feeding in the shallows. I wasn't quite sure it took the fly until it erupted and bolted. Unfortunately my Abel is an older model so it as no outgoing click (which I absolutely hate) so no reel music when the fish had its three runs. When I landed it I took a pic next to my rod so I could better judge its size. Forgetting I was carrying my boga grip and never weighed him. Only after he swam away did I realize my mistake.

By noon I decided to call it a day.

This is the second smallest carp I've taken here, the smallest being my very first carp. Still it was quite a blast on the 5 weight.

Just like the first carp I caught here, this fish also has some injuries. No clue what would cause this.

This guy is pretty battle scarred. Do carp fight one another? If they do this guy will live another day to duke it out with another.

When I started fishing here I wore bootfoot waders, I finally realized that's completely unnecessary as all cast can be made on shore. No more sweating balls in gore-tex. Thank god.

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