Wednesday, June 15, 2011

TMC Wingburners And It's Custom Made Holder

On my trip to Japan last spring, I made some purchases at Sansui fly shop. Whenever I'm in the Tokyo area I look for items that I can't get here in the US. One of such items was the TMC wingburners (the other items are posted here). When I came home I thought of a way to organize them on my fly tying desk. Since Lou is a fabricator, I asked if he could make me a holder. I gave him a general ideal on what I was looking for and he took it from there. As he is a rookie fly fisherman, I traded him some flies for the work. I finally received it yesterday when we went dog training.

TMC wingburners are unavailable here in the US. I have a total of eight of them. Each package comes with a pair of burners. I bought some caddis, mayfly and cranefly wingburners.

This holder is made from leftover material that Lou used for building his kennel.

More items not sold here in the US. This wing material that are used with the wingburners.

This is what the mayfly wings look like when burned.

I tied several of them last year but I've yet to really try any of them. I always seem to forget to do so.

A close up look at one of those flies. The extended tail is made from tools also unavailable here in the US, I used the C&F Design Extend Body Twister.

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