Sunday, March 24, 2013

The One (Of Two) That Got Away

Should be me holding that damn fish!
Chul returned to the fishing hole where I lost two massive fish (for that water) on his birthday trip. This is the first fish I lost which was smaller of the two. I know for a fact that this is the first fish as it still had the San Juan Worm that was my fourth trailing fly attached to its tail.  I have a bunch of emotions about this.  I'm filled with so much envy right now I might just puke myself.  That is one nice fish.  Good job Chul, you son of a bitch! Ha, ha, ha.  I don't know what is worse knowing that could have been me in that pic or never knowing what those fish looked like.  We'll have to return to find that second fish that ran upstream.  That one was bigger, much bigger.
The proof- San Juan Worm that I mocked before stealing from Chul and tying it on.


  1. LA - Auckland (return): USD $1,900
    Auckland to stream(inc coffee break & car hire): USD $65
    Catch fish that causes Chul to turn green, take photo, send PXT to Chul: Priceless

  2. Ha ha ha...If only, man. If only....

    One of these days.