Monday, March 11, 2013

Double Hall Ball At LBCC On March 23rd

For those of you interesting surf fishing, the Long Beach Casting Club is hosting another Double Hall Ball this year, Saturday, March 23rd.  It's a free event and lasts about all day with guest speakers and local fly tiers. Personally I no longer care for fly fishing the surf as there are better ways to fish in my opinion but I did go to last year's event and enjoyed talking with some old faces I've not done so in ages.  SoCal surf fishing definitely has lost steam since its heyday in the early to mid 2000s when you used to see our beaches loaded with fly fishermen struggling to find a free hole.  Back then when Calhoun (and then Webb) taught the Marriott's surf classes, it would sell out.  People would fish the surf in the early morning before heading to work.  It was sometimes hard to find a spot at the river jetty or at Los Alamitos.  New flies were being developed constantly.  Surf reports posted on local forums would seem to updated daily.  Magazines were writing about corbina.  People were actually traveling here as a destination fishery.  All that seems to have died.  All those, with the exception of Doug, that I used to fish the surf with now no longer do, choosing instead to fish elsewhere.  If I have nothing to do on that Saturday I might go but I'm not counting the days.

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