Thursday, March 14, 2013

Watchbuys Roadshow Coming Back To Los Angeles, March 22-24

Watchbuys, the North American distributors of several German timepieces including Sinn, Dornblueth & Sohn, MeisterSinger among others, is having another roadshow.  The last roadshow I attended was back in 2007 in Beverly Hills (pictured above) which may have been their last as I don't ever recall any after that.  Although the exact location has yet to be announced, it will be held somewhere in Century City.  No watches will be available for sale, the roadshow is merely a showcase for all the watches that Watchbuys carries and allows potential buyers to view, handle and get more information on their pieces.  It is a no pressure environment where collectors can talk watches and learn more about these small German watch producers.   The roadshow requires registration as it is limited to only a few viewers at a time.  I've already signed up.

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