Thursday, March 28, 2013

Quit Your Carping!

I had 1.5 hours to kill so I hit up the local brown water just before lunch.  With rain in the forecast on Sunday, I wanted to get a carp before the water gets screwed up.  Section one and section two are low and clear and section three and so forth are not worth spending any time on.  I hooked two carp today and like some chump rookie I set the hook Bill Dance/Bass Masters style ripping them out of the fish's mouth.  Bent up my Prince Aggravator fly pretty good in the process.  The fish are school up and looks like they are ready for some loving as they are finding in the undercuts and not really feeding.  I did see that Hog Johnson Bass I missed the other day.  I casted to him for about ten minutes before he had enough of my shenanigans.  He gave me the red eye and took off to the shadows to taunt me.  He really did have a red eye.

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