Monday, May 14, 2012

Please Fill Out Those Angler Survey

Angler surveys may not be present at all our local waters but are located at several.  In the past I would just walk past them without a second thought.  It was not until Chul, who volunteers frequently with the DFG and was told by them, told me that the DFG takes these surveys very seriously.  The more info they have on the water the better they can manage it.  For instance if the DFG deems the water needs assistance or is significant, they can impose more stringent policies such as fly fishing only, catch and release sections, barbless hooks, etc.  At a minimum they will know where to station wardens in case of poachers or increase efforts for volunteer clean ups and the like.    To fill one out just lift the lid of the box answer a few simple questions and place in the side slot when finished.  You needn't bring along writing tools as pencils are generally provided.  It only takes a couple minute.  Do your part and hopefully we can preserve our local trout populations.

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