Thursday, May 31, 2012

Getting Ready...

Humping way too much weight for what we are doing.
I can't believe how much all this crap weighs.  I'll be humping 22 pounds tomorrow according to my boga grip.  Contents: Food, Brunton Optimus Crux stove with gas, Brunton cook set (minus one pot), Spot device, Headlamp, Katadyn water filter, Bibler bivy sack, inflatable sleeping pad, Marmot down sleeping bag, Sage SLT 1 weight, JAF reel, capilene top, one extra pair of socks, Simms  In-Vest jacket, pair of camp shoes, I intend on trekking with my wading boots and my some fishing gear.  Weather reports are claiming temperatures to be in the mid 50s, which I think is BS.  Its about that here at sea level.  I'm guessing it should be 10 degrees colder up there.

1 comment:

  1. have a good trip dude. Don't forget the waterproof matches!