Thursday, May 10, 2012

MVL Skunks Off The Boat For One Of Us

Green water, high winds and cold weather coming this weekend made fishing today rather difficult.  Encouraged by seeing a nest of huge panfish on our last outing, we went back to the same location to entice some of those fish to take our flies.  That was not going to happen this time. Although it was tough to see through the water, it appeared that fish had gone.  We fished several hours and for me I didn't even get some much as a bump all day despite throwing just about  every fly I had and using every type of retrieve.  Chul on the other hand at least caught, although small, a largemouth and a respectable bluegill.  when he caught the bluegill he had a huge LMB follow.  We hoped the it would charge and take the panfish.  Chul even dangled the fish just above it to see if the bass would take.  But it did not, it just stood underneath it staring.  Hard day for the both of us but at least Chul got to feel fish.  Rough.

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