Monday, May 7, 2012

Sherman's Trout Flies

One of my good fishing buddies Richard had invented some flies that are really effective catching fish.  They have been used throughout the west with tremendous success.  One common theme among Richard's flies are not only effective but are easy to tie.  I carry several in my trout box in
various colors and sizes.
The Tricky Dick:
Hook: TMC2488H size 12-18
Head:  Black (or dark) Glass Bead size dependant to the hook size
Thread:  Olive
Body:  Upholstery thread (available at craft stores) tan or olive

Two Buck Chuck: 
Hook: 2488H size 14-20
Tail:  3 strands of midge krystal flash
Body:  Goose biot (any color to match the hatch-I have brown, tan, black, among others in my box)
Thorax:  Black/ Gunmetal bead (can use gold but ideally use a dark color)
Legs/wings:  2 strands of midge krystal flash on each side
Head:  Black thread

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