Sunday, January 2, 2022

The Beehive State: Part Three Green River

June 8, 2020

As usual when I camp I woke up early around 5am and watch the sunrise I'd wait for Chul to wait before making breakfast.  With leftover beans and tortillas and fearing they would spoil I made shrimp burritos.
Around the camp the soil was littered with cicada shucks.  It was a good indicator that we'd be fishing cicada patterns.  Having never fished these bugs I was excited to finally catch a fish on a cicada pattern. 
We headed back to speak with Steve and buy some more supplies.  With his guidance we chose to hike in and fish the first day at the B section. 
The trail wasn't bad.  There was some elevation gain but nothing too serious.  While the hike wasn't too bad the heat made it slightly unpleasant.  When we reached the water fish were easily sighted.  As per its reputation fish were in the 18 or so inch class.  Those first fish would refuse all our offerings so we hiked upstream to find some willing ones.
Chul would be the first to get one to hit his cicada.  All the fish we caught were solid.  Luc had warned me prior to coming that these fish don't fight.   He wasn't wrong.  We found that these fish would give a short run and then just let you land them.
After reaching the parking lot we would make sandwiches for lunch and cool down in the shade.  We'd go back to Trout Creek to chat up Steve so we could wait out the heat in the air conditioned cafe.  After a couple hours we decided to head up to the Resort for dinner.
Dinner was good and one of the better meals I've had in Utah.  After the meal we'd have ice cream at the shop.  With a few hours of light left we fished A section for the evening until dark.  Fishing was tough this evening.  We'd end up without a bite all night. 

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