Friday, January 7, 2022

Begining of the End July 12, 2021. LA Inshore a dud August 21, 2021

 July 12, 2021

Local fish have taken a beating with drought conditions and with mass crowds because of Covid lockdowns.  This outing I didn't get the type of fish like last year.  Far more dinks and no large fish.

August 21, 2021  Long Beach Harbor/ LA Inshore

Roy gave me call and wanted to see if I wanted to head out on his boat and fish off Long Beach.  The trip would be more of a test run as he had repaired his outboard engine.  If it ran successfully we run outside the wall if not we'd fish the inner wall.  When we drove up to the harbor I was amazed at all the shipping vessels parked outside.  This was before news were reporting on the backlog at the ports.  Boat ran fine and we made it outside the wall  navigating through the traffic jam.  Fishing was poor and all I got was sick. Was only out there for a couple hours before calling it quits.

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