Saturday, September 29, 2018

Skunked at Luc's

September 16, 2018

Another day at Canyon Lake with Luc.  Tough day.  Luc managed two to hand missing five more.  I went zero for four.  I wanted to try out a new travel rod I just picked up.  The Orvis Frequent Flyer 8 weight.  It's a seven piece rod so its very portable.  I needed such a rod since airlines in Asia require you to check in rods unlike the rest of the world where you can carry them on.  Having a rod that I can throw in my suitcase is very convenient.  The rod given its entry level price point is fairly impressive given its also multi pieced.  Paired with SA Big Fly line and a Freaky Frog it casts quite nicely.  Its a nice addition earns its spot in my arsenal for a travel rod or a back up back up back up rod.  (I have multiple 8 weights.)

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