Monday, July 16, 2012

Gills At MVL

With the bluegills aggressively taking flies last Thursday, Chul invited me to try and take some with light tackle. In the morning we had cloudy skies but when we reached the water at about 1, the sun was at full force and the winds picked up. Not really ideal conditions, so I decided to keep the 3 weight in the truck and use my 5 weight and my 8 weight as a bass back up.
Foregoing our usual starting spots, we fished a shallow cove where the bluegills were active last week. I rigged my go-to crystal purple wooly bugger with a Hargrove bluegill fly as a trailer. On my first cast several dink bluegill attacked my trailer but I was unable to hook up. After several casts, stripping my tandem down the drop-off I saw a huge bass chase my bugger only to be taken by a smaller bass.
We moved to our usual spot and I missed a strong strike when I was clearing a tangle on my flyline. This was the hardest take so far fishing MVL. I suspect it must have been another monster bluegill. I managed to take two more hand sized bluegills to end the day. I lost a few more near the boat. Chul who was fishing his 7 foot 3 weight most of the day manged to avoid the skunk by catch a dink bluegill.

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