Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Water's Back Up. 6 lb Carp. Damn Dog. More Bass

Big shoulder 6 pounder
Waking up this morning I had no intention to go out carping but with the morning air still I decided to head out.  When I made it to the water I noticed that the water is back up.  Who the hell is releasing water?  I thought we were in a drought.  With my bootfoot waders on I waded in at almost instantly I noticed feeding carp.  In only a few minutes I was on.  This fish was the hardest fighting carp to date this year.  It ran right then left then right again.  It must have taken at least 15 minutes to land him on my Sage XP 5 weight.  I bogaed him at 6 pounds although he seemed bigger due to its girth.
The infamous lab with a retard owner.
More juvenile bass.
Moving on I noticed several more carp feeding up ahead.  That was instantly ruined when from a distance I saw a lab frolicking in the water drinking along the way.  The very same lab, just a few months ago, jumped on me when I was fishing.  Once the dog spotted me he ran toward me and before it could jump on me I yelled at him and he didn't dare.  For the next 30 or more minutes this dog would not leave my side.  He had just ruined every good hole that was holding feeding fish.  I went through the weeds to find his dumb ass owner.  Eventually I found him and asked him if he knew what kind of toxins are in that water.  He said he did not.  I told him in a scolding, lecturing tone that that water comes from spill off from industrial plant, farm run off, sewage among others.  Its likely to have arsenic in it among other cancer causing pathogens, keep your dog on the leash and don't let him drink it.  He leashed his dog and left.  I thought of really getting pissed, especially from the last incident but I think he got the message. 

I returned to the water, now with the wind blowing and conditions poor for sight casting.  I saw no more carp so I started to fish for bass.  I managed only one and other juvenile before calling it quits.  I received a call from Ed on the way out to see if I wanted on his boat tomorrow.  He knew the answer.

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