Saturday, July 14, 2012

Diarrhea Water and Clooping Carp

Last night I had no intention of fishing but when I woke this morning I had an itch.  So I headed to the local carp water without taking it consideration what the recent rains may have done to the river.  Once I reached the water I realized it was going to a waste of time.  The water was up even more than last time and it was completely black.  Visibility was only a few inches so I wouldn't be sight casting today.  For the first time ever in my brief carping career I finally saw clooping carp (or rising carp).  I've only read or seen it on video, never in person.  My carp box has very little in a dry fly selection and I tried an emerger dry  without much success.  I moved toward shallower water where I could briefly spot cruising and tailing carp.  With even the most perfect cast to these fish, they refused.

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