Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Maiden Voyage

If you make less than 10 casts does it still qualify as a skunk day?  Some time ago my buddy purchased a 16 foot boat for a mere $300 including trailer.  After some minor work, it was finally ready to launch.  Today was the day to see if she was sea-worthy.  It was not a very good sign when we launched and motor was struggling to start.  When it did we set off toward the mouth.  Once we got there we noticed that the fuel tank was now half empty.  The boat was for whatever reason bleeding fuel.   I only managed to make a few casts before we headed back to the launch ramp.  We refueled at the the fuel station to ensure we'd make it back.  We drifted a couple times beneath the PCH bridge before calling it quits.  What shame as I noticed that the tides were really swinging my fly line, would have been a good day I think.
What a $300 boat looks like.

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