Thursday, July 5, 2012

Handful of Juvenile Bass at MVL

One of many cookie cutter juvenile that attacked our flies all day.
Small bass is better than no bass.  With the weather consistent the last few days and with cool overcast conditions, I was pretty confident the fishing would be pretty good.   In the three hours of fishing, we managed several a piece, I lost count but we had at least 6 or 7 trout-sized bass to the hand.  We noticed at least 5 bass in the over 8 pound range.  Two of which followed our boat for sometime though they refused to open their mouths.  I had one of those chase my 11 inch bass but refused to attack it.  It seems that there are two kinds of bass here- juvenile 10-11 inchers and monster bass.  I've yet to catch an average bass here.  Since this lake has a slot limit, I'm not sure if people are pulling all the 12 to 20 inch fish out of here and that is why we see the extremes in sizes.
One of many tight lipped lunkers in this lake.

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