Friday, July 6, 2012

City Park Night Fishing

After arriving at his house at 7:15, Ed took me to a park near his house.  Ed was armed with his gear rod with a plug and me with my 3 weight.  My target were the bluegills that are abundant in this city park.  The moment I arrived a group of youngsters were fighting a palm sized blue once I passed them.  Good sign.  My first cast was not.  On my backcast I instantly caught myself on an overhanging branch.  My set up was a stimulator with an aggravator dropper.  Once the sun went down I missed two bluegills that took the dry.   It was shallow and once I saw the dry get hit I set the hook but my trailing fly got hooked up on the rocks preventing a proper hook set.  Later I missed a huge fish. I felt him take the fly but I set the hook too weakly and after a head shakes it was off.  Judging by the wake it caused I concluded that it must have been a carp.  Ed had two weak strikes throughout the night but no hook ups either.  There was alot of boiling which is always exciting.  We ended at 9:40PM.

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