Monday, March 19, 2018

What About Bob?

With a trip forthcoming I needed to test some equipment.  Throughout the week I was texting my usual fishing buddies to see if they wanted to join me on the weekend to fish a local creek.  None were available.  I no longer fish alone at least not freestone rivers no matter the size especially ones that require you to hike far away from your vehicle.  If no one could make it during the weekend, I was going to avoid the crowds and fish sometime during the week.  I thought long and hard about who else I knew that could join me.  Then I thought what about Bob?
Knowing now that he is retired I figured he'd be able to head out in a workday.  I called him and he was game.  Weather forecasts indicated that we are going to get some weather midweek so we if we wanted to make this happen it would have to be today.  For me, this outing wouldn't be serious fishing adventure only a casual trip to test my new Orvis 6 foot 2 weight, a new Patagonia sweet pack vest but more importantly to check one of waders for leaks and to make sure I could trust my new rubber soled Redington boots.  I manged a number of dinks all beautifully painted.  The same for Bob.   The gear held up fine.
We'd estimated that we hiked 1.5 miles in before heading out and calling it a day.  Along the way I noticed several mushroom.  None of which I could identify as safe and edible so I left them alone.

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