Sunday, March 18, 2018

Travel Day: Heading Home

February 20, 2018
We woke up, packed our stuff, cleaned the timeshare before headed home.  It was a tough trip and like any fishing trip we can't control the weather.  Had we'd been there a week earlier the river would have been much better and we wouldn't have had to divert our plans toward Pyramid.   On the way back we stopped by at Hot Creek to break up the long drive and do a little bit of dry fly fishing before ending our trip officially.
I wanted to try out my new Orvis 8 foot 4 weight.  Fish were plentiful and stacked along the river.  We only would fish a short period just to get it out of the system.  Fish were rising by the time we arrived around 10am.
Easy fishing for mix of dinks bows and browns for the next 45 minutes to an hour until we gave up and headed home for the long drive back to the real world.

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