Sunday, March 18, 2018

Last Fishing Day: Pyramid

February 19, 2018
Ill prepared for Pyramid we spent the previous night scrambling.  We spent the night running from shop to shop gathering info, a step stool and tying material.  We spent much of the evening tying flies and luckily my buddy had a spare sinking line in his gear bag.  I swapped my 6 weight floating line with an outbound short 230 grain head.  The line was cracked and not in good condition but I had left my appropriate lines and rods at home thinking we wouldn't be fishing the lake.
Scene reminiscent of the end of Terminator
Woke up early and miscalculated the driving time.  We wanted to be set up just before sunrise.  We were going to miss that window.
It took us longer than we anticipated and when we got to the water we decided to try a beach we were told would be a good area for stripping streamers.  It was COLD.  I don't think I've ever been so cold.  With every strip of the flyline, frost would accumulate at your finger Which was a first for me.  With that of course your guides would also ice over.
Haven't never been there I had no clue of I was even far enough into the lake to be reaching the drop off.  I didn't want to go any further than where the handle of my step stool be submerged in water.  If that happened that would mean I'd have to put my hands in water to retrieve it which I did not want to do.  After a hour or so here at this beach it was time to hit the most productive part of the lake, Pelican Point.  It definitely was popular, it seemed all the anglers were here.  Fishermen from my left and right were getting on fish.  Of course they were properly rigged with heavy rods.  All I had was a 6 weight and some fives.  My fishing partner managed one in the 20 inch class while I was at the truck re-rigging my five weight with an indicator set up as I was watching everyone catching using this method.  This was pointless with this rod and eventually went back to the sinking line.
I had enough around lunch.  Without being properly outfitted and the fact it was beyond cold I was over it.  We moved toward town and spent the remaining day fishing the Truckee without any better luck.

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