Thursday, May 26, 2011

Leader Fails, Frustration Grows

My quest for carp was almost accomplished this morning. Close but no cigar. Having been on the water for only a few minutes I noticed a sunning carp, so I casted to it but had no luck in hooking up. I saw another carp cruising in my peripheral vision and waited to intercept it with my fly. Once the fish came near my fly, I started my slow strips. It did not take. Once I knew it cleared my fly and line, I picked up the line and recasted. The fly landed 2 inches from the carp's face. All the sudden the line went tight, I set the hook. I felt the weight of the fish and all the sudden, dink, the line went slack. Retrieving my line, I saw that the leader was broken at the fly. Its just my luck that I finally get a fish to bite and my equipment fails on me. My quest continues...

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