Saturday, May 14, 2011

Conway Bowman on Carp

This afternoon I spent my time at Bob Marriott's listening to Conway Bowman's seminar regarding Carp on the fly. It was quite good timing as my interest for carp has peaked. The presentation was filled with good info that I can use on my quest for the elusive golden ghost. Some info I gathered:

Ideal water temperature is 63 degrees but water from 66 to 80 degrees is good. When above 80 degrees, fish the mornings as the fish will usually shut down as temps rise. Use floating lines with 12ft tapered 3x leaders with subtle slow one inch strips. Limit false cast to 2 at most. If you miscast or the fish turns away from the fly, slowly lift the fly out of the water do not rip the fly out as it will cause the fish to spook. Although Conway admitted to not having much sucess in the rivers I'll try to use what he suggested on my local waters.

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