Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Passion for Tarpon by Andy Mill

While looking for videos for Hunting with Hank, it reminded me of the show that used to proceded it on OLN, Sportsman Journal with Andy Mill. I began looking for any uploads of old episodes on the web. Unfortunately no one has ever uploaded it onto the internet. I googled Andy Mill in the hopes I could find a few episodes, I never did but I found that Andy wrote a Tarpon book.

Its available in three versions, standard, limited edition, and presidential edition. For $5,100 you'll get the presidential edition signed by President Bush (the first one) and Andy Mills. The standard version is not cheap either at $100. I think I'll eventually pick one up as Andy really knows Tarpon and I'm sure this book is packed with tons of knowledge.

The book is not available on Amazon so it looks like you'll have to pay full boat for now.

It even comes with a Chasing Silvers DVD. The book is available at


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