Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Our search for Huns in Utah was unsuccessful. As with any new experience, we are going through our learning curve. I have never hunted these birds and knew very little before heading out to try and find them. Before I left I did order Ben O. William's book Huns and Huns Hunting. Unfortunately it arrived while in Utah.

Utah is some beautiful country, I have always enjoyed driving the 15 as the scenery changes it seems every 30 minutes. As we drove up and down the freeway, we were amazed at how many deer we saw along side the road. We saw at least 300 total the whole trip. None with antlers though. But we did see several horned pronghorns one day. Its amazing how much wildlife we we able to see, its just too bad none of them were the species we were hunting.

The trip was not a complete bust as I was able to see my good friend Cory and meet his family for the first time. I do intend on returning as I bought a year combo license. I talked with Richard, who was the first to show me Utah some years ago while we fly fished up and down the state, about returning to Utah in the summer. He suggested going during the hopper season sometime in July.

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