Thursday, February 3, 2011

Season's still open somewhere

After researching the nearby States to check their end of season dates, it looks like all the surrounding States have longer upland seasons than CA. AZ closes Feb.6 along with NV and Utah closes Feb.13. Upon finding this out I called a few friends to see if they knew of any good spots in these areas. One such person was my friend Cory Petersen who currently is living in Utah. I asked him whether the upland hunting was any good, (Utah currently has Hungarian Partridge and Chukar still open), he told me that he has been running into them in the mountains although he has not hunted them.

He offered me access to his friend's private land over 1000 acres in the Hansel Valley to hunt. Another one of his friends even offered to "guide" us around with his two GWPs. I did some research from last years report and it looks like the area has some of the best numbers in all of Utah. This is an offer I couldn't resist. I'm heading out Sunday, screw football I could care less. I'm excited to go after a species (Hungarian Partridge) that is unavailable in CA. This should be fun even if we go home with the skunk.

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