Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Before November Rain

November 14, 2023

Before the rains I took to the mountains in search of trout.  Like the last time I started at the beginning of the trailhead.  It proved once again a waste of time in terms of fishing as I've yet to catch a fish there in years.  Once I made so distance however I began getting stikes from micro dinks.  These fish were too small to take my size 10 dry.  So though managed to get their tiny mouths around the hook.  Eventually I was starting to see some fish in the more respectable range.  For then on out many fish were in the 9-11 range. Fishing was good.  Found a titty mannequin along the way.  Have no clue way it was there and I'm not asking any questions.  Don't know what these mountain people do in the woods and I don't care to know...

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