Monday, December 11, 2023

Fall Color Trip. Bit Disappointing

 October 6-8, 2023

October 7, 2023

October 8, 2023 

In Search of Fall colors and Fish. Streamer fishing Friday and Saturday on the Nevada side proved tougher than expected. Flows just a tad too high to comfortably wade especially when the banks are lined so thick that entering and exiting the water is near impossible. Headed south on Sunday to check out the fall colors. We expected it to be at near 100% but it wasn't the case. More like 60/40 with some trees already gone through defoliation, most likely from the storm that came in last week. Fished the upper valley and it is loaded with some of the best resident fish I've ever seen ever. Sight casted to a pod of that seemed to refuse everything. Did something I rarely do and parked myself on a hole until I could figure out what they were eating. Took about an hour to finally land my first fish, a rather uneventful stocker. Barely fought. There were better fish in there and I continued to until I finally got it to bite. This one a was fully charged and actually pulled a little drag. Ever attempt to net him resulted in another charge. The fish was so fat I could barely hold him firmly for a pic. Got some more dinks on dries when we called it and it was time to head home. But before leaving it was time to hit the Indian Casino for some penny slots. My buddy plays what cash he has on hand, $2 into the machine and he was on the verge of losing it all. I pull out a $5 from the money clip and when I about to hand it to him he starts winning. Since this was supposed to be simply a piss break he quit and cashed out at $22. Every trip my buddy always wins. Never fails. On the way home dinner was on him and the winnings didn't even cover the fast food. Lets go Brandon!

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