Friday, December 29, 2023

Part Two: Snowbow Chasing

December 22, 2023

Friday was a complete reversal. Sunny with no wind. Perfect conditions. Buddy was not feeling well so he rested in the truck before heading out later so we never got to fish together and why my fish pics all suck. Began fishing earlier but did not get my first fish until just before 11am. They were resident fish, none worth me taking my camera out of its pouch. By 11am though I managed my first laker. I had to chase him downstream 60 yards as it took to the current and forced me to follow or risk breaking off. Finally got it into calm waters to land it.
Next fish was smaller than the first but I was able to wrangle it much easier as it never got past me and into the rapids.  It seemed that the three hook ups came from the end of a pool and not from the undercuts where I typically catch them.
The next fish was a resident stocker that was holding in front half of the pool.  It hardly fought and from the moment I hooked it I knew it was no lake fish.  I would go back to the truck to meet my fishing partner who fished below me and managed to hook about five but only could land two.  After lunch I went back out while my buddy stayed in the truck to rest as he wasn't feeling well. 
Hiked up further up and I had caught several resident fish ranging from dink to respectable.   In time I would lose another nice laker.  Not quite sure why the hook came loose could have been from a poor hookset.  I honestly do not recall.  In time I'd have another chance though. 
This was holding in the middle of the river.  I casted blindly upstream of a big hole and before the fly plunged down into the pool my indicator dipped and I set the hook.  Another nice buck.  Like the first fish, this one got past me and into the rapids so I had to chase him down.
By 2pm I was satisfied and worried about my buddy's well being I headed back to the truck to head home.  Not sure if I'll be able to make it out here again this winter season but I certainly hope so.  I do hope the next time, if able, is s snowshoeing experience. 

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