Monday, January 1, 2024

2023 Highlights

I haven't been able to fish much the past two years.  Much less than my previous years.  But at least I was able to go out and I did more fishing this year than I did last so that's a good thing.  Several trips had to be canceled.  I had an Arizona trip to the White Mountains scheduled for the spring and a early fall trip to Utah that never materialized.  

That said I did have some moments worth highlighting for the year.  Here is some the triumphs:

First Barbel in Taiwan.  Nothing remarkable about fishing but it was added to the species list.
First Tilapia in Taiwan.  Another species added to the list.  While I never seriously targeted this fish, I did try to catch one once at Lake Mission Viejo when they stocked it.  Wasn't ever able to get one but I did while trying to get my barbel.
My biggest Taiwanese Mahseer at over 50cm caught on a dry fly with the guidance of my friend Danny Lin.
Personal Best on Bass on topwater (Freaky Frog) no less.  6lbs 11oz. 
Lost my friend Steve.  As a memorial used his gear, rod and fly, for this local lunker.  This is the best local I've seen the past decade or so.
With the help of Roy, I managed to return to the ocean for some inshore fishing.  Caught nothing spectacular or worthy of boasting but it was good to finally fish some old jaunts.  

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